Investor Cafe’ in Bruxelles with DEMOSOFC

The 12 of June is Investor Café Day in Bruxelles. The event is promoted by EASME in order to support the development of market ready water innovations all over Europe. DEMOSOFC is one of the projects presented during the one day event for its potential from a technological and environmental point of view. Read the…

A new visit from the Netherlands

VITENS is the most important multi utility company of the Netherlands, focused on water treatment and related services. A delegation of this important international stakeholder had visited the DEMOSOFC plant located in Collegno’s SMAT wastewater treatment center, to discover the project’s technology and the SOFC solution adopted.

22nd World Hydrogen Energy Conference

The world conference on Hydrogen Energy takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 17 to 22 of June. The rich program of keynote speeches includes Prof. Massimo Santarelli from Energy Department of Politecnico di Torino and DEMOSOFC coordinator. The speech entitled “DEMOSOFC Project: Results from an Industrial-Size Biogas-Fed SOFC” is scheduled on Monday, June…

June 13 – 14 2018: Smat conference in Torino

New strategies for the multi-utility and water sector is the center of the SMAT conference held in Torino as a part of the road show organized by Servizi a Rete, a specialized review focused on public services. The two days conference will include DEMOSOFC with a presentation by SMAT which is a strategic partner of…

European Energy Innovation

#DEMOSOFC is one of the content of the new edition of European Energy Innovation. You can jump to page 24 to read the full article.

An Argentina delegation visits DEMOSOFC

On May 21, the delegation of the Government of Santa Fe, Argentina, has visited the SMAT‘s DEMOSOFC plant. The meeting includes a conference and the discussion with Politecnico di Torino and SMAT experts and the visit to the SOFC industrial system and the control room.

A risky day: the invasion of the plant….

They are surrounding the #DEMOSOFC plant, they are aggressing the green breakthrough of circular economy, they are…..the spring pollen! Enjoy the video and your casual Friday.  

A swiss international visit to the plant: why don’t you schedule yours?

It was a great pleasure to host a new visit from international stakeholders interested in DEMOSOFC technology and approach. It’s the case of  BG Ingénieurs Conseils SA a swiss company, located in Lausanne, that spent a daily visit with our researchers including a morning presentation about the project and an afternoon of immersion in the…

14th FC Expo in Japan

DEMOSOFC’ partner Convion takes part to the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo which takes place in Japan from February 28 to March the 2nd. The exhibition which is part of the World Smart Energy Week 2018 is known as the largest in the world with more than 250 exhibitors of the renewable energy sector….

DEMOSOFC’ Scientific Approach

“Techno-economic assessment of biogas-fed CHP hybrid systems in a real wastewater treatment plant” is the topic of this new publication which is online on Science Direct.

The Circular economy is here with the DEMOSOFC industrial plant

The EU funded project takes part to Public Policy Exchange in Bruxelles (B) on February 27th. Fuel cells are electrochemical conversion devices that able to generate heat and power with very high efficiencies and zero or negligible impact on local air emissions. DEMOSOFC project, supported by The FCH JU, has put into operation the largest biogas-fed fuel cell…