MACA the cooperation grows

Following the agreement that will see DEMOSOFC as part of the didactical activity of MACA – Environment Museum -, researchers presented the project to high school teachers in order to start the preparation of the future seminars involving teenagers to introduce them to their possible future as green workers.

DEMOSOFC at Ecomondo

For the second year DEMOSOFC has been mentioned as one of the best experiences of circular economy and green energy at Ecomondo international exhibition. The prize, named Sustainable Development involved more than 1500 enterprises, among those a few projects have been selected by an independent group of experts focusing on innovation potential and environmental impact….

Water Watch Summit 2018

DEMOSOFC was part of the afternoon workshop with a presentation by Marta Gandiglio about “Water and Circular Economy in the Cities” . The Water Watch Summit is a one day conference organized by Fondazione Gian Giacomo Feltrinelli focused on water management as a resource at urban scale.

A new SOFC module for DEMOSOFC

October 11 was the day! The second SOFC module has arrived at the DEMOSOFC site in Collegno. During October researchers and technicians worked hard to connect the module to the plant and to start its operation. The second module will produce 60 kW of electrical power, thus making the total power production at the DEMOSOFC…

FCH JU Awards 2018: Best Success Story

During FCH JU  Programme Review Days, it’s time to compete for the FCH JU Awards 2018. And DEMOSOFC does even more, being part of the final selection among possible winners for the Best Success Story prize, in the category «Full circle: fuel cell and hydrogen technology supporting circular economy». You can be the leading actor of the competition by…

Hydrogen: the future has arrived. A conference in Milan

Domenico Ferrero, STEPS’s group researcher takes part to a conference devoted to discuss the future of hydrogen, held in Milan on October 25. The focus of the speech is the state of the art of the research in the field of hydrogen with a focus on DEMOSOFC experience. More details are available browsing the Milano…

DEMOSOFC at Local Renewables

More secure, clean and sustainable energy is the focus of Local Renewables the conference which takes place in Basel (CH) and Freiburg (DE) on October 24-26 2018. Prof. Santarelli, DEMOSOFC coordinator attends the conference talking about energy sustainability in urban areas, following the experience of the #DEMOSOFC SMAT’ Collegno Industrial Plant.  

In Paris contributing to EMPIR calls 2019

Prof. Santarelli, DEMOSOFC coordinator for Politecnico di Torino is in Paris to give a contribution to the Joint Workshop for Energy and Environment EMPIR calls in 2019, taking place on the 22-24 October in Paris, at French National Measurement Institute – LNE – . The aim of the workshop is collecting ideas on research topics to…

Research trip in South Africa: destination MOFs

Following a bilateral cooperation program between Politecnico di Torino and University of Johannesburg in the person of prof. Bilainu Oboirien a delegation of STEPS research group, composed by Prof. Andrea Lanzini and Dr. Marta Gandiglio, visited the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – CISR  –  and a number of plants located in South Africa. The cooperation is focusing on…

Plan your visit to DEMOSOFC: the calendar is ready

Visitors that wish to discover how the system works, have the chance to participate to a complete visit to the plant with a presentation and discussion with researchers and technical experts.  The tour will include a first presentation on DEMOSOFC technical design details, done by professors and researchers from Politecnico di Torino, and economic perspectives, followed…