SP Group visit

It’s an international delegation from Singapore the leading actor of the new visit taking place at DEMOSOFC plant in the SMAT’ wastewater treatment plant in Collegno. The group of five experts had a day long visit which includes a technical presentation by Politecnico di Torino and Convion, and a general view inside the plant with…

4th BIOGAS SCIENCE conference

The conference will be held in Torino from 17th and 19th September 2018. The conference, organized by the Department of Agricultural Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA) of the University of Torino focuses on biogas in all its applications from microbiologies to production, from digestate post treatment to agriculture. DEMOSOFC researchers take part to the event with a presentation by…

Live from Lucerne #efcf2018

We are in Lucerne to present #DEMOSOFC with the active participation of Researchers Marta Gandiglio and Paolo Marocco in a workshop presentation and a poster.  Follow the #efcf2018 to discover updated news on european fuel cell market developments.  

European Fuel Cell Forum – Lucerne (CH)

#Demosofc presents the technology of the plant located in the wastewater treatment center of SMAT with the contribution of researcher Marta Gandiglio. The speech is planned on July the 5th at 3.15 pm. Have a look to the program browsing the EFCF website.

SOFC: the european value chain is growing

The interesting video explains how the development of three EU projects based on SOFC technology and supported by FCHJU are in run to build a real hydrogen and fuel cell value chain and business ecosystem. Among them, DEMOSOFC. Thanks to ENEA Channel for the contribution.

Investor Cafe’ in Bruxelles with DEMOSOFC

The 12 of June is Investor Café Day in Bruxelles. The event is promoted by EASME in order to support the development of market ready water innovations all over Europe. DEMOSOFC is one of the projects presented during the one day event for its potential from a technological and environmental point of view. Read the…

A new visit from the Netherlands

VITENS is the most important multi utility company of the Netherlands, focused on water treatment and related services. A delegation of this important international stakeholder had visited the DEMOSOFC plant located in Collegno’s SMAT wastewater treatment center, to discover the project’s technology and the SOFC solution adopted.

22nd World Hydrogen Energy Conference

The world conference on Hydrogen Energy takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 17 to 22 of June. The rich program of keynote speeches includes Prof. Massimo Santarelli from Energy Department of Politecnico di Torino and DEMOSOFC coordinator. The speech entitled “DEMOSOFC Project: Results from an Industrial-Size Biogas-Fed SOFC” is scheduled on Monday, June…

June 13 – 14 2018: Smat conference in Torino

New strategies for the multi-utility and water sector is the center of the SMAT conference held in Torino as a part of the road show organized by Servizi a Rete, a specialized review focused on public services. The two days conference will include DEMOSOFC with a presentation by SMAT which is a strategic partner of…

European Energy Innovation

#DEMOSOFC is one of the content of the new edition of European Energy Innovation. You can jump to page 24 to read the full article.