European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications

DEMOSOFC is part of the European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications Conference held in Naples (Italy) on December 12 – 15 2017. Marta Gandiglio, Politecnico di Torino and DEMOSOFC researcher, presents a paper on “DEMOSOFC Project: Results From an Industrial-Size Biogas-Fed SOFC“, during the parallel session 01b  held at Hotel Royal Continental.  Discover more browsing the final…

DEMOSOFC infographic

Enjoy the explanation of the functioning of the DEMOSOFC system watching the video on youtube. Follow the youtube profile to stay updated.

ENEA Channel on DEMOSOFC: Italian

Thanks to ENEA channel, the online news network focused on research and development, DEMOSOFC has a great explanation to the general public with many interesting in-depths concerning the development of the Italian and european markets in the field of SOFC and biogas industry. Follow the ENEA Channel on youtube! Here’s the video service on DEMOSOFC.

DEMOSOFC Workshop in pictures

November 14 workshop was a great day for the more than 100 attendants coming from industry, public utilities and research sectors. A workshop full of ideas, networking, technical details and research results. Waiting for the presentations that will be published in the next days, here’s few nice pictures describing the workshop all day long. [Courtesy:…

DEMOSOFC Ready to go!

#DEMOSOFC plant is ready to host participants to the workshop. Look at the last improvements on the sight!

Streaming Video!

You can’t join #DEMOSOFC workshop? It’s a pity, but you can still attend to it, following the live streaming. Join us browsing on November 14, from 09:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The biographies of the DEMOSOFC workshop’s speakers

Discover more about the workshop speakers and their expertise. The ultimate reason to be part of it. DEMOSOFC workshop it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the new technology deployed in the project, getting in contact with experts and stakeholders of the energy, multiutility, waste and hydrogen sectors.  Paolo Romano – SMAT Mr Romano graduated…

We are at Ecomondo: see you there

DEMOSOFC attends to Ecomondo  the international fair focused on ecology and renewable energy that takes place every year in Rimini (Italy), on 7-10 November 2017. The lunch seminar is a great opportunity to discover the DEMOSOFC plant which started the energy production of October 31st. The seminar is chaired by Alessandro Russo,  GRUPPO CAP, with the…

DEMOSOFC Workshop is warming up

The full-day programme is finally scheduled. Download the Flyer_ with all the informations you need and join us subscribing asap.  Enjoy the QR code for easier access to the google form and…see you in Torino.  

DEMOSOFC Workshop: the Agenda

Read the agenda of November 14th and subscribe to DEMOSOFC workshop.   Fill the form to subscribe, find your accomodation here, and discover more about the project reading this short presentation. Download the full version of the Flyer for further details.