Hydrogen: the future has arrived. A conference in Milan

Domenico Ferrero, STEPS’s group researcher takes part to a conference devoted to discuss the future of hydrogen, held in Milan on October 25. The focus of the speech is the state of the art of the research in the field of hydrogen with a focus on DEMOSOFC experience. More details are available browsing the Milano…

DEMOSOFC at Local Renewables

More secure, clean and sustainable energy is the focus of Local Renewables the conference which takes place in Basel (CH) and Freiburg (DE) on October 24-26 2018. Prof. Santarelli, DEMOSOFC coordinator attends the conference talking about energy sustainability in urban areas, following the experience of the #DEMOSOFC SMAT’ Collegno Industrial Plant.  

In Paris contributing to EMPIR calls 2019

Prof. Santarelli, DEMOSOFC coordinator for Politecnico di Torino is in Paris to give a contribution to the Joint Workshop for Energy and Environment EMPIR calls in 2019, taking place on the 22-24 October in Paris, at French National Measurement Institute – LNE – . The aim of the workshop is collecting ideas on research topics to…

4th BIOGAS SCIENCE conference

The conference will be held in Torino from 17th and 19th September 2018. The conference, organized by the Department of Agricultural Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA) of the University of Torino focuses on biogas in all its applications from microbiologies to production, from digestate post treatment to agriculture. DEMOSOFC researchers take part to the event with a presentation by…

Live from Lucerne #efcf2018

We are in Lucerne to present #DEMOSOFC with the active participation of Researchers Marta Gandiglio and Paolo Marocco in a workshop presentation and a poster.  Follow the #efcf2018 to discover updated news on european fuel cell market developments.  

European Fuel Cell Forum – Lucerne (CH)

#Demosofc presents the technology of the plant located in the wastewater treatment center of SMAT with the contribution of researcher Marta Gandiglio. The speech is planned on July the 5th at 3.15 pm. Have a look to the program browsing the EFCF website.

The Circular economy is here with the DEMOSOFC industrial plant

The EU funded project takes part to Public Policy Exchange in Bruxelles (B) on February 27th. Fuel cells are electrochemical conversion devices that able to generate heat and power with very high efficiencies and zero or negligible impact on local air emissions. DEMOSOFC project, supported by The FCH JU, has put into operation the largest biogas-fed fuel cell…

The workshop’s presentations are online

Download the DEMOSOFC workshop presentations. You can reach them reading the authors’ biographies or sorting by file here. Massimo Santarelli|Politecnico di Torino|Download the presentation. Marta Gandiglio|Politecnico di Torino|Download the presentation Andrea Lanzini|Politecnico di Torino|Download the presentation Adam Hawkes|Imperial College of London| Download the presentation Tuomas Hakala|Convion Oy|Download the presentation Antonio Aguiló Rullán|Project Officer FCH JU|Download the presentation.

European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications

DEMOSOFC is part of the European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications Conference held in Naples (Italy) on December 12 – 15 2017. Marta Gandiglio, Politecnico di Torino and DEMOSOFC researcher, presents a paper on “DEMOSOFC Project: Results From an Industrial-Size Biogas-Fed SOFC“, during the parallel session 01b  held at Hotel Royal Continental.  Discover more browsing the final…

DEMOSOFC Workshop in pictures

November 14 workshop was a great day for the more than 100 attendants coming from industry, public utilities and research sectors. A workshop full of ideas, networking, technical details and research results. Waiting for the presentations that will be published in the next days, here’s few nice pictures describing the workshop all day long. [Courtesy:…