Consorzio Monviso Agroenergia

A consortium of stakeholders involved in energy production at local level and focusing on biogas and agriculture has visited the plant on April 9. The Consortium took the advantage of the visit’s calendar to learn the functioning of the DEMOSOFC plant, looking to the technology as an innovative solution for the future of the biogas…

A new visit from China

A representative of the company China Southern Power Grid, Guanghzou Power Supply CO LTD, from China, has visited the DEMOSOFC plant on April 2. The group of professionals met the technical personnel managing the SMAT wastewater plant and the Politecnico di Torino researchers. A new visit is planned for April 9, in case of interest…

On April 9th book your visit to the plant

A new session is behind the corner. Plan your visit to the DEMOSOFC plant sending an email to: The visit includes a technical presentation of the DEMOSOFC technology inside the SMAT wastewater treatment plant and a Q&A with Politecnico di Torino and SMAT professionals involved in the project. More details here. When and WhereApril…

DEMOSOFC at FCExpo 2019

DEMOSOFC is at FC Expo, the international exhibition focused on fuel cell and hydrogen technologies which takes place in Japan from February 27 to March the 1st. Partners VTT and Convion, participate with their products inside the Finnish Pavillon, where Convion experts are ready to explain the project’s technical details to visitors. See you at boot W27-11.


The success of the first set of labs was so high that MAcA organized a second group of sessions held all along February 2019 in Torino. DEMOSOFC EDU-Lab is now an educational framework which is ready to be exported in any other educational institution might be interested in putting it into the agenda. Where and when…


Two fully booked laboratories are the first positive result of the new dissemination activity focused on civil society, with particular reference to kids, families and high school students. Spreading the knowledge about zero-emissions alternatives to produce energy is of vital importance for the adoption of green solutions in the political agenda as well as in…

Popular Science and DEMOSOFC at MACA Torino

The popular science phase of DEMOSOFC is starting in these days with a double date of the brand new seminar proposed by MACA, the Turin Environment Museum, to kids, students and families. The laboratories, developed in cooperation with the project’s research team, aim to bring people to a deeper knowledge of circular economy concepts by…

MACA the cooperation grows

Following the agreement that will see DEMOSOFC as part of the didactical activity of MACA – Environment Museum -, researchers presented the project to high school teachers in order to start the preparation of the future seminars involving teenagers to introduce them to their possible future as green workers.

DEMOSOFC at Ecomondo

For the second year DEMOSOFC has been mentioned as one of the best experiences of circular economy and green energy at Ecomondo international exhibition. The prize, named Sustainable Development involved more than 1500 enterprises, among those a few projects have been selected by an independent group of experts focusing on innovation potential and environmental impact….

Water Watch Summit 2018

DEMOSOFC was part of the afternoon workshop with a presentation by Marta Gandiglio about “Water and Circular Economy in the Cities” . The Water Watch Summit is a one day conference organized by Fondazione Gian Giacomo Feltrinelli focused on water management as a resource at urban scale.